RebuildSince our last attempt while in Second Life, we shut down for a bit due to life getting in the way. We are back, our stream is operational yet not populated and no shows have been set on the schedule, remember we are a mix station. Podcast DayThe International Podcast Day begins at 3PM PDT on September 29, 2016 and ends at 12:00am on October 1, 2016. We intend to fully support the audio broadcast from this event for its duration., TestingJazy is troubleshooting Virtual DJ for this station so the stream my go in and out between her and our Auto DJ Server. Please be patient. MobileOur App is now Available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Search <strong>Twisted Mix FM</strong><br> <br> Click <strong>Read</strong> For the Links or Click the Icons on the bottom of the site. JoubertJoin Twisted Mix FM as we welcome our newest member the General of Sound... General Joubert the Dutch DJ from the Netherlands! <br> Bringing a bit of Dutch Dance & Trance to the scene as well as hits, classics and Golden Oldies